What’s Installed

The following are installed by default.

Name Description / Reason
Python 3.8 Running commcare-sync
Postgres Default database that houses all data (including configuration details). The default version is version 10.
CommCare Sync Django process for web application, and Celery process for background and scheduled tasks
Superset BI Tool
Redis Used as a message broker between CommCare Sync’s web and Celery processes
Nginx Web Server that sits in front of the CommCare Sync and Superset
Supervisord Process management for CommCare Sync, Celery, and Superset

The above will all be configured, and after install, commcare-sync should be properly set up.

Note that some of these can be enabled/disabled based on variables. For example, setting superset_enabled: no in your environment will prevent Superset from being installed.